Bus Rules & Responsibilities

  • Students must keep seatbelts fastened at all times.
  • Discipline must be maintained on the bus all the time.
  • Wait at the home pick-up area with your children at least 10 minutes before the bus’s arrival.
  • Bus supervisor’s phone number will be shared with parents at the beginning of the sessions.
  • Inform the bus driver/supervisor beforehand via phone call if your child will be absent to avoid lateness.
  • Ensure that there is someone to receive your child ( under age 11 ) from the bus when they return from school and sign the bus consent given by the bus supervisor.
  • School will follow a zero-tolerance policy for safety issues inside the bus.
  • Repeated disobedience and indiscipline in the bus may prevent the students from using the school transport.
  • In case of any damage inside the bus caused by any student, parents will be liable to pay for the damage.
  • In case of medical absences or early pick-up during the school day, contact reception.
  • Direct communication with busy drivers/supervisors will not be encouraged, and the school will not take any responsibility regarding requests for change in timings, change of residence, or any other information shared directly with bus drivers/supervisors without involving school management.