Principal’s Message

A holistic education that acts as the foundation for life ahead, with the opportunity to create memories within us that we cherish throughout this life ahead. Good Will Children Private School not only offers this for its students, but it leaves them with a diverse community devoted to their success; from the students, to the staff, to myself.


By immersing our students in active engagement, we ensure that they are ready for anything that comes their way. Here at Good Will, we believe that a person is only able to reach their full potential if they are supported academically, socially, and most importantly, emotionally. Therefore, it is our primary duty to put wellbeing at the forefront of our decisions, for both staff and students.


Hall Mark is professionally run by a team of experienced managers, who have helped the business become one of the pioneering MEP businesses. By selecting highly qualified engineers and technicians who consistently match the needs of our cherished clients while delivering first-rate MEP solutions on schedule, our company has established its reputation.

We want our students leaving us academically successful, emotionally aware, morally and ethically sound to make the right decisions and a true understanding of diversity and inclusion. We want to provide them with the chance to learn about themselves and their surroundings, to enable them understand their responsibilities towards our environment and protecting and conserving it for generations to come while contributing together to achieve the UAE National Agenda for Science, Technology and Innovation through our core curriculum.

With technology evolving faster than human adaptation, it is imperative that our students are equipped with the necessary skills to not only use technology as it is provided to them, but to develop a sense of curiosity, as curiosity is the backbone of idea generation, and creative new ideas with a purpose is innovation. Our students are supported by our highly skilled staff to foster an environment of technological innovation, honing in on how we work together as a community here at Good Will Children Private School.

We constantly endeavor to foster the safeguarding of the UAE culture and values that reflect in our integrated curriculum through our teaching and learning along with the subjects like the UAE Social Studies, Islamic Studies, Moral Education and the My Identity Program. We aim to work hard to develop a learning environment for our young minds with comprehensive and well-rounded education with a dimension that can empower our students on the path of knowledge economy.

As your Principal, my vision is simple. Connection, irrespective of whether its in-person or virtual, is crucial to a student’s development, and it is my goal to see that happening with every student in terms of knowledge and experience within the school.

Finally, Education is a responsibility and a privilege we do not take lightly, and we can ensure you that our students leave with a greater appreciation of themselves, and their education.

Many Thanks,


Charmaine Margaret Raghuraman