Academic Achievement

At our School, students get to experience a one-of-a-kind international education. They gain an appreciation for the world’s diversity and are exposed to various ideas and perspectives that enrich their learning journey. 

  • Our educational philosophy emphasizes a global perspective and strong connections with the local community. We provide opportunities such as Project Based Learning to support students in achieving their full potential across all areas of development. Our curriculum is founded on four fundamental principles integrated into our educational programs from kindergarten through grade 8.
  • We prioritize the well being of our students in all aspects of our operations. Through our dedication to natural resources and the Hygge wellbeing methodology, we have established a tranquil atmosphere that fosters happiness, togetherness, and enjoyment.
  • Our Primary school’s small class size model contributes to the nurturing environment by allowing for personalized small-group teaching that caters to each child’s unique interests and needs.
  • Our school is a second home to our students and their families. We maintain close relationships with each family, allowing us to provide a tailored educational experience for each child. Parents are also welcome to attend our school assemblies and witness our students’ remarkable progress and achievements.

Our teachers genuinely care for the wellbeingof our students and feel a sense of belonging in our community. They work collaboratively to find ways to support our students within their lessons.