Admission Process

Welcome to Good Will Children Private School! We are delighted that you are considering our school for your child’s educational journey.  

Age Entry Policy

At Good Will Children Private School, we adhere to ADEK guidelines for age equivalency to determine grade levels. Children must meet the following age requirements by the 1st of September for entry:

  • Grade KG1 / FS2 – 4 years of age
  • Grade KG2 / Year 1 – 5 years of age
  • Grade 1 / Year 2 – 6 years of age
  • Grade 2 / Year 3 – 7 years of age
  • Grade 3 / Year 4 – 8 years of age
  • Grade 4 / Year 5 – 9 years of age
  • Grade 5 / Year 6 – 10 years of age
  • Grade 6 / Year 7 – 11 years of age
  • Grade 7 / Year 8 – 12 years of age
  • Grade 8 / Year 9 – 13 years of age

Please review the age equivalency information to check your child’s entry grade level.

Admission Process

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the admission process:

Step1: Inquiry and School Tour The first step is to express your interest in our school by contacting our admissions office. Please call +971 56 505 0851 for inquiries and to book a tour. Our staff will provide you with all the necessary information about the school, including curriculum, facilities, and extracurricular activities. Please bring your child during the tour as the entry assessment and interview may be conducted on the same day of the tour if parents choose to.

Step 2: Application Submission You will need complete and sign the admission form with all necessary document attachments and email them to:  Application for will incomplete documents or missing signatures will not be processed

Step 3: Entry Assessment & Interview For applicants to all grades, we conduct age-appropriate entry assessments to evaluate their academic readiness and ensure that they will thrive in our learning environment. We generally accept students of all abilities except for students who are not able to comprehend instructions in the English language, sever special needs and individuals with behavior issues.  Parents of students will low attainment levels in the entry exam will be contacted to create an individual learning plan with their parents to work on areas of weakness.

Step 4: Document Review Our admission committee will review your application and check your child’s results, adhering to the School Admission policy. Upon successful completion of the entry assessment, parents can secure a seat by paying AED 1000 that is deductible from the total school fees.

Step 5: Orientation Program We encourage you to read the parent handbook that will give insightful information into our school culture, policies, and procedures, helping students to adjust to their new learning environment. A dedicated school policy page also contains detailed information for parents. An orientation Program will also be held so you can meet the staff in person and go over all information needed including login to our school portal and other educational software the school uses.

Should you have any queries or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to ask the admissions office personal or check the parent handbook to contact the appropriate person for your questions. We are always ready to assist you. We look forward to welcoming your child to our diverse and enriching learning community!