Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a combination of Curricula within the school.


  • The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a UK program of study used from birth up to 5 years of age applied in KG 1.
  • Cambridge International Curriculum from KG 2, Primary and Secondary in the subjects of English, Math, Science, ICT, P.E & Arts.
  • All students complete a programme in Arabic (first or second language options), social studies, Moral Education & UAE History in accordance with the Ministry of Education requirements.
  • Muslim students follow an Islamic Studies programme from the Ministry of Education. There is an option to take Islamic studies in English or Arabic. Non Muslim student do not take these classes and their needs are covered in a general Moral Education Curriculum provided by the Ministry of Education.
  • Urdu language is also taught as an optional language for those who wish to study Urdu.

English is the main language of instruction and is used to teach English, Science, Math, P.E, Art, Geography and ICT. Arabic is taught also as a per Ministry of Education requirements depending on the child’s background. There is the option to learn Arabic as a first or second language.

Urdu is also an optional 3rd language taught to students whose wish to enroll.

French and Spanish are offered as one of many options during club time.

We have SMART White boards in every classroom. We also have a number of UK award winning educational resources to support student learning. Learning is also supported by laptops and i-pads, robotic programs, STEM and sensory toys for KG, mathematical practical games and apps, science equipment for experiments and hands on investigations, a well-equipped library with quality reading material and online reading resources in English, Arabic & Urdu.

The Parents section of the school website has the Handbook and school policies which is very useful to get new students on track with all the necessary information about the school routines, expectations and regulations.

Clubs are offered within the school timing. Students have a wide range of clubs to select from based on their demands and timing of the year. Students can select a different club each term.

Some of the clubs are offered are:

  • Sport Clubs: Football, Karate, Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Badminton, Table Tennis.
  • STEAM clubs: Lego Robotics, Coding, 3D Printing, Create a Short Movie, Science, Eco-Environment, Construction
  • Character & Confidence building clubs: English Drama, English Debate
  • Language Clubs: Quran Recitation, English Spelling Bee, Arabic Reading, Spanish language, French Language, Urdu Language and Phonic Reading Games
  • Crafts, Thinking Skills & Cultural Awareness: Board Games, Chess, Cold Cooking, Bracelet Making, Debate, Painting, UAE Heritage.

School clubs are scheduled within the regular school timing and children from KG2 onwards are expected to select a club of preference every beginning of a term through online survey.

Being a Cambridge International School means that the school is a part of a wide international network of over 10 000 Cambridge schools in more than 160 countries. We offer the Cambridge International Curriculum for Primary and Secondary level which is assist in preparing your child for IGCSE and O level and A level examinations. As a Cambridge Examination Centre we are authorized to administrate external exams such as checkpoint.